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Established in 2012, Global HR Advisors is a premier provider of diversified HR and business process outsourcing services and solutions to legal, healthcare, and business to business clients worldwide. GHRA is recognized as one of the best performing small companies. As a consulting service delivery firm, GHRA has proven success delivering strategic value, business results, and operational gains to our clients.

As a provider of CHRO Services, GHRA helps C-suite leaders emphasize a company’s commitment to employee experience from a strategic as well as a tactical perspective. We guide leaders successfully through difficult issues such as remote work, diversity, pay equity, retention and employee engagement. Because these issues have a direct impact on workplace culture, which can make or break your business, GHRA helps with prioritization and communication from the top down, be it a startup or growing business: it’s never too early to prioritize diversity,  equality, and inclusion. As a modern CHRO, we are data-driven: we understand how to effectively gather data, how to craft strategy based on that data, and measure the success of HR initiatives. We help businesses implement sometimes unpopular policies and drive organizational change, through fostering strong leadership skills. Openness to change, flexibility and strong communication skills are our strengths, as we articulate and sell your vision of how the company should operate to your employees and peers. The ability to get HR right enables our clients to get culture right. In a sense we become an extension of everything good that happens within the client’s company.

As a transactional outsourcing firm, GHRA helps business owners and managers spend more of their time on the things they're passionate about and less on administrative tasks. Our comprehensive data entry and transcription services help alleviate your stress and keep your employees happy. We'll administer the transactional tasks while you focus on your growing business.


Complete List of Services

  • HR Operations

    • Recruitment and Candidate Experience

    • Onboarding & Offboarding

    • Employee Handbook

    • Strategic HR Guidance

    • eLearning

    • Performance Management

    • Salary Administration

    • Compensation Structures

  • Strategic HR

    • People Strategy

    • Employee Engagement and Experience

    • Organizational Definition and Transformation

    • Organizational Structure and Design

    • CHRO Leadership Services

  • Benefits

    • Fortune 500-Level Health Insurance

    • Retirement Plans & Voluntary Benefits

    • Benefit Plan Administration

    • Online Benefits Enrollment

    • Dedicated Benefits Specialist

    • COBRA Administration

  • Risk & Compliance

    • HR Assessment & Investigations

    • Employee Relations Management

    • ACA Compliance Support

    • Workers’ Compensation Coverage

    • Unemployment Insurance (UI) Claims Administration

    • Employment Law Compliance

  • Outsourcing

    • Transcription of recordings

    • Front and back office virtual assistants

    • Data entry

    • Auditing of system of record

    • RACI matrices for continuous process improvement

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