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 Investing in HR strategy positions your organization for future success.

GHRA follows a methodical approach to meet the unique strategic planning needs of each of our clients, incorporating policies, customized training, work products, guidelines and virtual resources to eliminate the guessing, minimize conflicts, and focus on the critical future strategy of your organization. When GHRA partners with you to strategize for your future, you can expect a solid and dependable foundation that will guide meaningful, outcome-based efforts over the course of future operations.

  • National, regional, and local industry aspects are identified

  • Objectives and goals are established to a level that fosters collaboration

  • Gaps and solutions are defined, and success factors and measurement models are established

  • Healthy team interaction, and thought-provoking discussions are engaged in a supportive environment

  • A level of consensus and buy-in is achieved with all members of the strategic planning team to the highest extent possible

  • An on-going collaboration is established to support a sustained level of enthusiasm moving forward with your plan, ensuring measurable outcomes

  •  No one knows your business better than you do, but GHRA will provide the structure and focus to guide the development of a meaningful strategic plan.

 Let GHRA help your organization plan to succeed!

Examples of HR Programs


1. Global Mobility

We design, implement and manage your mobility policy, develop cost projections, streamline your processes, ensure understanding of ROI for your high-cost expats, and, generally speaking, manage your employee mobility. We will help you with the process of defining global mobility for your company, simplify complex processes and help your employees move around the world while carrying strategic and tactical responsibilities. We will eliminate confusion and define multi-layered processes into meaningful RACE charts to succumb to various aspects of relocation of employees and most often their families. We will clarify and simplify your mobility needs, help with calculations of ROI while improving the overall employee experience in the process of doing so.

2. Immigration Program

In today’s war for talent, attracting and retaining high performing employees without an immigration program could become a losing battle. We will partner with Recruiting Teams to develop programs with a complete cost outlay for each individual case with tight cost management procedures. With FAQs for recruiters, training programs for the hiring managers, repayment contracts for employees, and regular updates to all applicable HR policies, we are confident that an immigration program will not seem like an unattainable goal anymore. Contact us to have a quick review of some of our cost analysis.

3. Internship Program

Formal on-job training is a valuable experience to students as well as the company. Providing this experience benefits the intern to better assess their future goals, and provides an opportunity for the company to re-define existing processes. On the job training in an educational environment boosts company identity, improves culture and corporate reputation.

4. Training and Development Program

We will help you with the design and delivery of training programs from relatively simple (e.g. onboarding, employee orientation, etc.) to complex (e.g. legal aspects of managing others, producing the highest result through people, etc.) to manipulative employee behaviors. We will help you make educated decisions for industry specific technology choices for your on-going training needs. We have consultants available for face-to-face or phone coaching and mentoring.

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