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Team of Virtual Assistants


As your strategic HR advisor, we will reduce your cost and  liability on all fronts. You can be compliant with all state and federal laws and feel good about saving cost for overhead and tax.

We will handle all your data entry and transcription services without having to worry about office facilities, IT, recruitment, HR, payroll, and, most importantly, we will save cost while saving yourself the headache of dealing with resource management. We will provide considerable savings for your transactional work: from data entry, bi-lingual reception services, after-hour services, to multi-lingual transcriptions of your medical, legal, or scholarly recordings into your system of record. Studies show that outsourced services score over both an employee and an outsourced agency by combining the best of both worlds and allowing organizations to enjoy premium services: with GHRA this savings surmount to 50%-70% of cost savings. Start with one or more staff and scale quickly to meet the demands, without the overhead.


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